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CERTIFER TÜRKİYE is a Turkish company-right, based in Ankara and acknowledged as Designated Body and Assessing Entity in Turkey.
Specialized in the Railway Sector, CERTIFER TÜRKİYE provides a large range of services with the support of CERTIFER SA.

The main activities of CERTIFER in Turkey are:

  • Designated Body missions according to Turkish national rules.
  • As assessing Entity according to the ATMF Uniform Rules, CERTIFER TÜRKİYE can provide independent assessments according to the Uniform Technical Prescriptions

  • Independent Safety Assessor and CSM Assessor in accordance with European (Reg. EC / 402/2013) and Turkish guidelines;
  • Performing in Turkey services and activities offered by the CERTIFER Group of rail systems, metro, trams or their components: Notified Body, Independent Safety Assessment, Independent Checking Engineering, Entity in Charge of Maintenance Certification;

  • Operating as an Independent Safety Assessor in all subsystems (Freight, Conventional and High Speed) and sectors (Subsystems, Rolling Stock, Control Command and Signaling, Energy, Infrastructure, Maintenance, Operations);
  • Ensuring the safety of rail infrastructures and components by carrying out  Non-destructive Inspections, Welding controls and Periodical Inspections;
  • Providing 3rd party inspection by verifying the compliance with national and international standards for the design, manufacturing and commissioning phases.

CERTIFER TÜRKİYE has at the center of its policy:

  • Contribution to the development of the Turkish industry;
  • Creation and maintaining strong local competences on all railway systems/components regarding safety aspects;
  • Promotion of railway system safety;
  • Compliance with regulations and standards (compulsory and voluntary);
  • Ensuring independence and impartiality of the assessment.

The main services provided by CERTİFER TÜRKİYE can be classified in 3 fields:

1. Control activities

In order to ensure the safety of equipment and products, CERTİFER TÜRKİYE offers a wide range of services in Railway Infrastructure, Rolling stock and Components (Such as Rail, Wagons, Tank-wagons, Wheels, Axles, Bogie, Buffer, etc.):

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services
  • Visual Testing (VT) services
  • Penetrant Testing (PT) services
  • Magnetic Inspection (MPI) services
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Inspections
  • Radiography Assessment services
  • TOFD Inspection
  • Phased Array (PA) Testing
  • Railway Wheels Stress-tests

2.  Third-Party Inspections activities

  •  Train/wagon manufacturing audits
  • Railway Infrastructure construction monitoring

 3. Inspection and Certification activities (CERTIFER SA):

  • NoBo missions for certification according to for all subsystems (Infrastructure, Control Command and Signaling, Rolling Stock, Noise, People with Reduced Mobility, Security Gallery and Energy);
  • Entity in charge of maintenance Certification (ECM);
  • Assessment in all subsystems (Freight, Conventional and High Speed) and sectors (Subsystems: Rolling Stock, Control Command and Signaling, Energy, Infrastructure, Maintenance, Operations and Traffic Management, and Common safety methods);
  • Assessment according to CENELEC 50126, 50128 and 50129;
  • Assessment of modifications and Related Risk Analysis (AsBo mission-CSM Assessor), according to the EU Regulation;
  • Technical assessment for Rolling Stock Homologation;
  • Certification of compliance to specifications and/or safety standards.


Use of the brand and the logo  procedure available here

For more information on the use of the Certifer Group names and brands please contact us: contact.turkiye@certifer.eu


Certification Rules and General Conditions available here

Certification Application form here


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Calls and claims procedure available here


For additional information, contact us: contact.turkiye@certifer.eu



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