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CERTIFER Trames Urbaines is a safety assessor body of the urban integration of the LRT project, created on 2005.

CERTIFER Trames Urbaines operate as a Qualified Body, and is also cetified bu AFNOR (French Association for Standardization) for the EN ISO 2001 standard, and accreditred by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) for the EN ISO 17020

The main activities of CERTIFER Trames Urbaines are the following:

  • Assessment of the safety of guided public transport (within the framework of the decree STPG)
  • Integrated control of public transport safety (Trams, BHNS, …)
  • Safety diagnosis of guided public transport systems in the field of urban integration (analysis of the tramway accidents in operation)
  • Accessibility of public space and safety of disabled individuals' movement
  • Study of the definition of urban travel policies (French medium-sized cities Central Region)

CERTIFER Trames Urbaines has at the center of its policy:

  • Promotion of the challenges of the integration of the transport urban system and all the relative issues;
  • Independence and impartiality of the assessment
  • Compliance with the regulation and standards

As a Qualified Body, Certifer Trames Urbaines intervenes in:

  • Road development allowing to ensure the safety of all the users towards the Light Rail Train, cycles, pedestrians;
  • The crossroads operation
  • The static signaling (vertical and horizontal)
  • The traffic light signaling (nature and implementation of signals, safe operation of equipment)

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