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Customer : TP Ferro
Place of execution : Perpignan, France à Figueras, ESPAGNE
Project’s duration : 2004 à 2009

CERTIFER’s personnel : 1 Project Manager and 9 people

The project description

Under application of directive 96-48 related to the interoperability of the European railway network, the Construction Consortium contracted CERTIFER/ADAF as Notified Bodies, in the aim of performing an assessment mission on the Design through Commissioning of the European HSL Perpignan – Figueras.

This HSL project first started 15 years ago, under the Madrid Agreement signed in 1995 between France & Spain. As soon as the concession contract was agreed on, construction works were lead from 2004 to 2009, period during which CERTIFER’s mission was focused on Infrastructure, Power Supply & Control-Command & Signaling aspects.

The full commercial service of such line started on December, 19th 2010.


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CERTIFER’s scope of work 


  • Tunnel of PERTHUS
  • Civil Works (tunnels, viaducts, rail & road bridges…)
  • Track (geometry, equipment)

Power Supply

  • Interfaces with Rolling Stock, Power Supply & CCS
  • Substations, POSIIM
  • Overhead Contact Lines
  • Current Feedback Circuits
  • Substations

Control Command & Signaling

  • ERTMS 1 and 2


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