59308  Valenciennes
N°TVA : 73411047285

Customer: RATP (operator)
Place of execution: Paris (France)
Project duration : 2008
Team: 1 Project manager and 2 assessors


The Montmartre funicular, operated by RATP, has been commissioned in the summer of 1900. Since its inauguration, it has been rebuilt and renovated several times, the last one on June 1st, 1991.
The current funicular is electric and carries more than 2 million passengers each year. The journey takes a little over a minute; it is an automatic inclined lift that requires no driver.
Originally, the funicular used a water traction system, with tanks that were filled and emptied according to the corresponding passenger load.

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CERTIFER's missions

CERTIFER has carried out an ISA (French Qualified Body) mission according to the decree STPG 2003-425 of May 9th, 2003 concerning the safety of guided public transport
It concerns the Return into Service Project for Cabin 1 and modification of Cabin 2 of the Montmartre Funicular.
The mission covers the overall system in accordance with the amended decree 2003-425 (guided public transport systems).
The installation is also a part of the ski lifts, concerned by decree 2003-426. This is the subject of a specific EOQA opinion.

CERTIFER’s mission consisted in verifying that:

  •  Each identified risk has been adequately mitigated and the reduction or elimination measures have been justified and verified
  •  The implementation complies with the technical and regulatory standards specified in the Preliminary Safety File
  •  The results of the tests performed before commissioning demonstrate the adequacy of the implementation to the requirements (functional and system safety)
  •  All operating and maintenance recommendations contained in the safety analyses and verified by CERTIFER have been considered
  •  The results provide the overall level of safety required for the system
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