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Customer : TALGO
Country : Spain/France
Duration of the project: 2017 to 2020
Staff : 2 Project managers and 18 experts

 The project's decription

The mission consists in the assessment of Talgo’s high-speed trains which will be commissioned in Spain and between Spain and France.

The characteristics of the trains are as follow:

  • Units: 15 units
  • Maximum speed: 330 km/h
  • Configuration: Train with twelve cars with two power cars, in configuration push-pull
  • Car length: 201.8 m in simple composition
  • Power supply: 25 kilovolts AC mono-phase and 3 kilovolts DC, with two pantographs in   each power car. Each power car has   8.000 kW at 25 kilovolts. For the   authorisation in France, the supply  capacity is 1.5 kV DC
  • Signaling: For the train authorised in Spain:
For the train authorised in Spain                 For the train authorised in France               


ASFA Digital (without EBICAB)






  • Ride system with variable gauge for traveling on both UIC and conventional gauge tracks.
  • Wheels have a diameter of 920-840 mm in intermediate trailer cars and of 1040-950 mm in power cars.

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Scope of work

  • NoBo mission according to Rolling Stock TSI, Noise TSI, PMR TSI and CCS TSI
  • DeBo mission for Spain and France (Assessment according to the national rules in-force)
  • ISA mission
  • AsBo mission (CSM)
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