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Customer: ALSTOM
Place of execution:  Nola and Milano (Italy)
Project duration : 2014– 2018
Team: 1 Project Manager and 2 assessors (Technical and Quality)


  • The Nola maintenance workshop for Alstom AGV high speed trains is built in a 140.000m2 total area including 30,000 m2 of covered surface area and 55.000m2 platform area. In addition, a new workshop located in Milano and with a mobile team has been added.
  • The maintenance centers are responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of passengers rolling stocks.
  • Alstom, who is in charge of the maintenance for a period of 30 years of NTV fleet, provides full inspection and maintenance services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Among the services offered by Nola and Milano workshop repairs after accidents or vandalism and refurbishment of wagon are also proposed.

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CERTIFER's missions

In the framework of this project, CERTIFER carried out an Entity in Maintenance Certification on the basis of 445/2011/ EC European Regulation of 10th May 2011 which requires the certification of entities responsible for maintenance only for freight wagons in European Union but the assessment according to 445/2011 is not mandatory

CERTIFER delivered a five year ECM attestation of conformity to ASLTOM NOLA and MILANO who applied for four functions:

  1. Management function which supervises and coordinates the maintenance functions and ensures the safe state of the AGV in the railway system
  2. Maintenance development function, which is responsible for the management of the maintenance documentation, including the configuration management, based on design and operational data as well as on performance and return on experience ;
  3. Fleet maintenance management, which manages the AGV’s removal for maintenance and its return to operation after maintenance
  4. Maintenance delivery function which delivers the required technical maintenance of an AGV or parts of it, including the release to service documentation

After an initial audit the first year with an on-site inspection, CERTIFER performs annual surveillance audits during the certificate’s validity (5 years including the initial audit) in order to ensure continuing compliance with the applicable requirements.

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