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Cybersecurity assessment performed by AEbt Certifer contributed to Nuremberg new G1 metro's approval

Cybersecurity assessment performed by AEbt Certifer contributed to Nuremberg new G1 metro's approval.

AEbt Certifer was appointed by the government of Middle Franconia to provide cybersecurity assessment as part of the approval process.

Started 2015 the inclusion of cybersecurity requirements in the approval of a metro vehicle was a new feature, as there were no best practices or well-defined guidelines adopted for the railway sector.
The main challenge was to tailor the assessment approach to specific railway requirements serving as reference for subsequent cybersecurity assessments based on the evolving IEC 62443 standard.
Cybersecurity assessment required a different approach to functional safety assessment. Safety requirements and related safety functions remain almost stable during the vehicle life cycle whereas security requirements&IT components quickly become obsolete and therefore need to be reconsidered frequently/regularly throughout the vehicle life cycle.
In addition, it is required to consider cybersecurity aspects in functional safety's context as well, i.e. to assess the impact of cybersecurity threats on vehicle integrity and availability.

As AEbt Certifer, we are very proud to be part of this innovative project operating since 19/08 in our hometown, Nürnberg.


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