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The CERTIFER group provides AsBo services according to CSM-RA and as independent body (NoBo, DeBo, ISA, AsBo), we can offer turnkey solutions, which will help you to optimize the workflow throughout the project's life cycle

This week's spotlight in the framework of our special Innotrans 2018 edition continues with the presentation of the assessment body (AsBo) mission.

In order to ensure the safety level of a system subject to significant change (with an influence on safety), the Regulation 402/2013 on the Common Safety Methods for risk evaluation and assessment (CSM-RA) sets a common framework for assessment and safety demonstration of their safe integration and requires the appointment of an AsBo in this regard. In case of significant changes, the CSM-RA imposes an independent assessment to give confidence that systems under assessment meet the required safety level.

The role of the AsBo is to check the correct application of risk assessment process and with this respect gives its judgement on system definition, hazard identification, risk analysis and demonstration of compliance with safety requirements. In some particular cases, application of the CSM-RA may be included in a requirement of a TSI. In such a case, same assessment procedure shall be applied considering as scope TSI requirement TSI instead of significant change.

Certifer Group provides a sustainable support throughout the project by offering a turnkey solution (NoBo/ISA/AsBo). https://lnkd.in/dNZv-N9

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