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Customer: SYSTRA
Location: Île-de-France (France)
Duration of the project: 2013 -2018
Staff: 1 Project Manager and 9 Assessors



  • Tramway line 4 of the Île-de-France (T4) is a 7.9km-long tram-train line operated by the French Railway Operator SNCF
  • Inaugurated on November 20, 2006 between Aulnay-sous-Bois and Bondy, in the Seine-Saint-Denis department of the Île-de-France region, the tram-train is a specific light-rail public transport system. In fact, tram-train combines the flexibility of the tramway transportation system with greater speed of train, by running through an urban tramway network to railway lines (shared with conventional trains).
  • The T4 Tram-Train in the Parisian Region is the result of the transformation and complete double-tracking of the Bondy to Aulnay-sous-Bois line, known as the Les Coquetiers line, opened in 1875, which it uses throughout its route. It has thus become the first French line to use tram-train equipment, although it is operated entirely in tramway mode (visual driving, right-hand traffic, tramway Signaling, etc.).

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Mission de CERTIFER

CERTIFER carried out an ISA mission by ensuring that the safety goals of each sub-system is met at all times during its lifecycle and by verifying compliance with the regulations, standards and best practices of the system designed and implemented, covering the following areas:

Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) mission:

  • Rolling Stock,
  • Rail command-control Signaling,
  • Infrastructures,
  • OHW – traction power,
  • Urban insertion (incl. road Signaling).
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