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 |  59300  Valenciennes  | 

Client:Eiffage Rail Express
Lieu d'execution: Bretagne Pays de la Loire (France)
Durée du projet: 2012– 2018
Equipe: 1 Project Manager and 8 Assessors


  • The line Bretagne-Pays de la Loire is a High Speed Line (HSL) running from Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine French department), to Connerré (Sarthe French department).
  • It operates at speed of up to 320km/h in France and the infrastructure will also be designed to run up to 350km/h.
  • The HSL Bretagne-Pays de la Loire is an extension of the western branch of the existing “HSL Atlantique” towards cities of Rennes and Nantes.
  • With a length of 182 km to and additional 32 km of connections with existing line, this new line aims at improving significantly the service to Brittany (Bretagne) and Pays de la Loire and at strengthening their accessibility.
  • This HSL entered in commercial service on July 2, 2017 and reduced considerably travelling time between regions.

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CERTIFER's missions

In the framework of this leading High Speed Line project, CERTIFER has worked closely with EIFFAGE RAIL EXPRESS, from the design to the commissioning of the line (operation and maintenance aspects are also included in the scope of work), the scope of intervention covered the assessment of the following aspects according to TSIs and the French national rules:

Notified Body Mission (NoBo)

▪ The NoBo mission consists in assessing the compliance of the project with requirements from the Technical ▪ The NoBo mission of CERTIFER consisted in assessing the compliance of the project with requirements from the TSIs as stipulated in the 2008/57/EC directive on the interoperability of the trans-European high- speed rail system and covered the following subsystems:  Control-Command & Signaling (trackside), Energy, Infrastructure

Designated Body Mission (DeBo)

▪ The DeBo mission consists in assessing the compliance of the project with the Notified National Technical Rules (NNTR), the following structural and functional subsystems are under assessment: Infrastructure, Power supply, Control Command and Signaling, Operation and Maintenance.

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