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The main activities of CERTIFER America Latina are:

CERTIFER America Latina operates as Independent Safety Assessor for all subsystems (Freight, Conventional and High Speed) and sectors (subsystems, Rolling Stock, Control Command and Signaling, Energy, Infrastructure, Maintenance, Operations, Combined Transport sector and Common Safety Methods).

The missions can be carried out under COFRAC's  Accreditations 17065, accepted locally by a cross acceptance with CGCRE in mutual recognition agreement intermediated by the IAF - (International Accreditation Forum).

With their guided transportation Systems independent services, CERTIFER America Latina has at the center of its policy:

  • To contribute to raise the local industry in terms of safety criteria, by promoting the “state of the art” safety management as per CENELEC’s standards;
  • To comply with local regulations and standards (both compulsory and voluntary);
  • To create and to maintain strong competences on all railway systems / components regarding safety aspects;
  • To work with absolute confidentiality and to perform assessments with independence and impartiality;
  • To work proactively by not measuring efforts to clearly elucidate to the customer the understanding of any issues raised.


The main activities of CERTIFER America Latina are:

  • To perform assessment missions like ISA - Independent Safety Assessment and CSM – Common Safety Methods;
  • To carry out all the entire range of other services and activities offered by the CERTIFER Group such as ICE – Independent Checking Engineering; ECM Certification – for Entities In charge of Maintenance; Safety in urban integration; technical external control (with APAVE) and Agreement fire behavior;
  • To execute technical assessment for Rolling Stock Homologation (AMIS, RIN and RUMO);
  • To participate in international CERTIFER certifications on guided transportation Systems such as rail systems, metro, trams, monorails, etc.
  • To perform certification of compliance to specifications and/or safety standards;
  • To provide training classes in the CENELEC’s EN 50126 / EN 50128 / EN 50129, whenever possible, with the main objective of spreading the correct standard’s interpretation to be applied in guided transportation systems such as metro, trams, monorail, etc., and/ or their components/ subsystems
  • To assess modifications and related Risk Analysis (AsBo mission – CSM Assessor), according to the local regulations and requirements;
  • To provide Certification of Skills Management System for maintenance companies (SGC and COCS);
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