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CERTIFER, selected as NoBo and OQA (DeBo) by SNCF Réseau

CERTIFER, selected as NoBo and OQA (DeBo) by SNCF Réseau, successfully completed the OQA assessment of the Infrastructure, Trackside Signalling and Energy subsystems of Belfort-Delle line, the 22 km missing between French and Swiss Borders.

The line, reopened 26 years later, was inaugurated on December 6. Financed by French, Swiss and European Union funds, the infrastructure has been renewed, with new bridges, electrification and resignalling of the line.

In this framework, SNCF Réseau selected Certifer to carry out a French DeBo mission (OQA) for Infrastructure, Energy, Trackside CCS, GSM-R and global system. As per the NoBo mission, CERTIFER is performing the assessment of ETCS and GSM-R subsystems according to TSI Control-Command and Signalling, and the assessment according to TSI Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) for the new and existing stations (Danjoutin, Meroux, Morvillars, Joncherey, Grandvillars, Delle). Existing stations have been modified to enhance their compliance with PRM regulations.

CERTIFER is glad to participate in this key cross-border project, creating a further connection between French and Swiss railway networks. The link will provide a connection to Rhin-Rhône High-Speed Line as it serves Belfort-Montbéliard TGV station.

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