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The Melbourne metro project

The Melbourne Metro Project is the biggest railway construction project in Melbourne, and will create a new end-to-end line from Sunbury in the north-west to Cranbourne-Pakenham in the south-east, known as the Sunshine to Dandenong Line. This involves the construction of five new underground stations and new twin nine-kilometre rail tunnels. The project involves the use of high capacity signalling to maximize the efficiency of the new fleet of High Capacity Metro Trains.

This project is worth AU$5 million over the next 7 years, and will allow Certifer developing its Australian experience, regarding: independent safety assessments, design checking of railway systems, and guided transport across Australia, through the assessment of: Infrastructure, Energy, Power Supply, Tunnels and Stations, High Capacity Signalling (CBTC), Information and Communication Technology, Network Control Centres and Track of the metro of Melbourne.

The Metro Tunnel is the first step towards a 'metro-style' rail network for Melbourne with the 'turn up and go' train services that are the hallmark of the world's greatest cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.