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Customer: TfNSW
Place of execution: Australia (Sydney)
Project duration : 2014 to 2020
Team: 1 Project Manager, 2 Lead assessor, 10 Experts including 2 local Experts


The North West Rail Link (NWRL) Project is a vast, and complex project which final objective is to provide Sydney, and New South Wales, with a major system. The Client, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), subdivided the NWRL project in three main contracts; a Civil Works one for civil engineering & viaducts, a Civil Works for tunnels & stations, and a Public-Private
Partnership (PPP) contract for the trains’ and systems’ operation. TfNSW also made contractual agreements with several stakeholders in order to facilitate the delivery of the NWRL project.
The SYSTRA / GHD Joint Venture is involved in the Certification Mission within the PPP contract for the Design, Manufacturing & Delivery Liability Period (DLP) phases.
The project includes:

  •  23 km of track works and 8 new stations
  •  13 km of existing upgraded lines with 5 upgraded existing railway stations, from Epping to Chatswood
  •  20 new trains
  •  The fully automated railway system in Australia
  •  NWRL is the biggest common transportation project in Australia, and should be commissioned by the end of 2019.

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CERTIFER's missions

SYSTRA/GHD has been contracted as an Independent Certifier for the following disciplines:

  •  Operation & Maintenance;
  •  Rolling Stock to CERTIFER
  •  Workshop & Depots
  •  Power Supply & Catenary system
  •  CBTC
  •  Stations & buildings
  •  Infrastructure & Civil Works

Key activities within the IC contract include:
Monthly reporting to project stakeholders on project progress and key risks;
Elaborate a risk-based system approach for verification, monitoring and reporting activities;
Issue of Independent Certifier Certificates for around 800 technical design packages covering the scope of works during the 3 stages of the Design phase (Preliminary, Substantial and Final);
Monitor/certify key surveillance during the construction phase until the testing and commissioning of the line.
The Independent Assessment leads to the issuing of a judgment, distinct & independent from any personal design, development or operating system, showing that this system meets all the contractual requirements.

design, development or operating system, showing that a system’s safety requirements are suited for the planned application, and that this system meets all the safety requirements.

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