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 |  59300  Valenciennes  | 

Customer : SIEMENS
Country : France/Belgium
Duration of the project: 2011 to 2014
Staff : 1 Project manager and 10 assessors

 The project's decription

The VELARO E 320 Rolling Stock is a high-speed train circulating in France, Belgium and in the United
Kingdom composed of multiple units for a maximum operating speed up to 320 km/h.
The train is composed of 16 cars divided into two 8-car-symetric vehicles.
The train is configured to support three tension levels : 25 kV AC, 1500V DC and 3000V DC.


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Scope of work

French DeBo Mission
- The mission consists in assessing the Velaro E Rolling Stock, and includes risks identified in the
Risks Analysis in the Safety Case according to the French Decree 2006-1279.
CSM mission (Common Safety Method)
This mission has been performed according the EC regulation N°352/2009 of April, 24th 2009.
Belgian DeBo Mission
- Law of 2006/12/19 “Law related to the railway operation safety” ; latest version;
- Order of 2009/11/13 “Royal Order related to the Safety National Regulatory framework”
- Order of 10/07/30 “Ministerial Order related to the application of requirements applicable to
Rolling Stocks to use train paths”
- The directive of commission n°2011/18/EU of 1 March 2011 (annex VI chapter 3)
- Relevant national requirements that are not covered by in-force TSIs (open-points, specific
cases, or under national rules)

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