18, Rue Edmond Membrée
 |  59300  Valenciennes  | 

Customer : Oc’Via
Country : France
Place of execution : Montpellier
Project’s duration : 2012 - 2017
Kilometers: 80km
Team : 2 Project Managers and 11 experts

Project’s description
The integration of the CNM line in the National Railway Network embodies a significant change of the railway system under regulation N°352/2009.
The entity in charge of implementing such change is Oc’Via. 

This project requires a second opinion regarding the proper application of the risks management process that has to be performed by an Independent Body meeting the requirements of regulation N°352/2009.

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CERTIFER's mission

This assessment is performed on:
• Structural subsystems: :
- Infrastructure,
- Power Supply, and
- Control-Command & Signaling,
• Functional subsystems :
- Operation, and
- Maintenance,

All interfaces between, on the one hand, all those subsystems, and on the other the project and its environment.

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