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CERTIFER ITALIA successfully completed the assessment of the CZ LOKO 741 Shunting Locomotive for the Authorisation for commisoning (APIS) in Italy

In order to comply with ANSF’s (Italian National Safety Authority) 1/2015 Decree, the Czech manufacturer of locomotives, CZ LOKO modified its 741 type shunting locomotives and obtained the APIS.

By achieving the APIS process by the end of 2017, CZ LOKO’s 741 locomotive was the first shunting locomotive in Italy complying with this decree. CZ LOKO awarded CERTIFER ITALIA for this project for which a VIS (Independent Safety Verificator) assessment according to Italian national rules has been performed. This project is a milestone for CERTIFER ITALIA, which strengthens its position as a key partner for CZ LOKO ITALIA.

Since then, CERTIFER ITALIA successfully concluded the assessment of several other shunting locomotives, making CERTIFER ITALIA a reliable partner for shunting locomotive owners and manufacturers.