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 |  59300  Valenciennes  | 

Client : Société du Grand Paris
Country : France
Location : Paris area
Project duration : 2014– 2030
Length : 64 
Staff : 1 Leader assessor and 18 assessors

Description du projet

The project consists of the creation of the 4 automatic subway lines without driver of “Grand Paris” (lines 15, 16, L17 and L18).

L15 SOUTH - Noisy Champs / Pont de Sèvres

- 16 stations;

- Approximately 33 km of tunnel (including tunnel connections to maintenance sites);

- Short train (3 cars) and long train (six cars).

L15 WEST - Pont de Sèvre /  St Denis Pleyel:

- 9 stations;

- About 21 km of tunnel;

- Long trains (six cars);

- 2 sections 2025/2027

L15 EAST - St Denis Pleyel / Champygny Centre:

- 10 stations and a maintenance site for rolling stock and infrastructure;

-26 km of tunnel (including 23 on-line and 3 for access to the maintenance site);

- Long trains (six cars);

- 2 sections 2025 and 2030.

L16 - Saint Denis Pleyel / Noisy Champs:

- 9 stations,

- Approximately 31 km of tunnel (including tunnel connections to maintenance sites and line 17 connections).

L17 - Le Bourget RER / Mesnil-Amelot:

- 6 stations;

- 21 km of track;

- Short trains (3 cars);

- 2 sections 2023/2024 and 2030.

L18 - Orly Airport / Versailles Chantiers:

- 10 stations

- 35 km (parts in tunnel and parts in viaduct);

- Highly contrasted territories;

- - Short trains with BOA type trains (3-car configuration).



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Scope of work

CERTIFER performs an ISA mission on:

               Global System

  • Organizational, methodological and technical aspects contributing to the safe development of the system,
  • Methodology for identifying external, natural and technological risks,
  • Interfaces between the different subsystems.

      Rolling stock, including Infrastructure and Maintenance Vehicles (VMI):
  • Car body- rolling- guide,
  • Traction-braking,
  • On-board electrical safety.

  • Civil Engineering - Solidity
  • Civil engineering - Fire safety, evacuation and implementation of rescue;
  • Equipment - Fire safety, evacuation and emergency operation;
  • Platform, tracks and switches;
  • Platform Screen Doors Strength (METRO).

     Energy, including electric traction power on aspects:
  • Electrical safety;
  • Mechanical strength.

     Control-Command and Signaling including:
  • Control-Command;
  • Railway signaling;
  • Platform Screen Doors control system (METRO)

     Operational subsystems:
  • Treatment of the safety requirements identified during system development and exported to operation and maintenance.

As well as the assessment of specific dispositions to be followed in order to safely ensure the automatic circulation of trains on Maintenance Sites, regarding staff and other vehicles or Infrastructure Maintenance Vehicles.

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