18, Rue Edmond Membrée
 |  59300  Valenciennes  | 

Customer : SNCF
Place of execution : Estern Europe Paris-Germany
Project’s duration : 2 years

CERTIFER’s scope of work :

  • Assessment of the ICE 3 MF’s Design & Manufacturing regarding safety objectives.
  • Assessment of modifications of the ICE 3’s system, and whether risks identified in the Preliminary Risks Analysis have been taken into account

Assessment of the Safety Case under decree 2000-386

  • Assessment of works related to gaps mitigation identified in the PRA, and the PSC in order to maintain a global safety level at least equivalent to the one of a TGV Réseau.
  • Compliance assessment under common reference documents.

CERTIFER’s personnel :

1 Project Manager and 9 experts

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