18, Rue Edmond Membrée
 |  59300  Valenciennes  | 

Customer : RFF
Place of execution : France
Project’s duration : 2006 to 2011

CERTIFER’s personnel :

1 Project Manager, 2 Lead Assessors & 10 experts including 2 local experts.

Project's description:

- Command-control & signaling (the set composed of Level 2-ERTMS equipments, SEI equipments, KVB, track circuits, switches & crossings, protection, announce & track-crossing devices for the maintenance staff, telecommunications, ground/train GSM-R radio, Remote Command Station;

- Energy (geometry  of the contact line, insulation fault, voltage / frequency, separation sections, interface with the sub-stations centers…)

- Infrastructure

- Civil engineering (covered cuts, viaducts, train stations platforms, bridges,…) and especially their design towards the railway traffic, landslide risks, geologic (karsts phenomena), rising rivers, crosswinds, river navigation, car traffic, vandalism, in-station blast effects…)

- Track (wreckage risk…)

- Interfaces with the rolling stock  (crosswinds, hot axle box detector…); 

- Some detection devices (fall sensors, …) 

- Dispositions concerning the site protection (trespassing risk, car traffic,...);

- operation & maintenance ;

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