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BELGORAIL a réalisé la mission Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) de la nouvelle solution de signalisation développée par Alstom pour le complexe de tramway prémétro de la STIB de Simonis à Bruxelles.

BELGORAIL performed the Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) of the new signaling solution developed by Alstom for the STIB premetro tram complex of Simonis in Brussels

Commissioned on September 1, the Brussels tram line 9 has been inaugurated by the Belgian King Philippe. The assessed signaling solution is part of the new tram line number 9 between Simonis and Heyzel (Palais des exposition-Atomium) and will allow a safe traffic management of the upgraded station (from 2 to 5 wharves) used for as terminus for the line 9 and for passing trams between Avenue de la Liberté and Avenue de Jette.

BELGORAIL carried out an Independent Safety Assessment of Alstom's signaling solution according to EN 50126-EN 50128-EN 50129 CENELEC standards and assessed the design, manufacturing, installation, test and commissioning stages and inputs to operation and maintenance.

In the continuity of this project, Belgorail has also been chosen by Brussels Transport Authority, STIB (Société des transports en commun Bruxellois) to conduct an Independent Assessment of the Risk management following the CSM-REA 402/2013 regulation.