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One step closer to a whole new innovative experience: Certifer is the independent evaluator of the Virgin Hyperloop One project

CERTIFER wins the OQA services contract relating to the project of adaptation of the infrastructures of line 1 to the future long-distance trains in Nantes

AEbt Certifer: homologation assessment for new diesel-hydraulic powered vehicles manufactured by ROBEL for transport and maintenance operations in Metro network of Nuremberg

CERTIFER, Artelia and SOLINES & ASOCIADOS join forces to develop a standard for urban guided transport systems in Ecuador

CERTIFER offers you a new training program dedicated to CENELEC EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 standards on September 13, 14 and 15, 2021




The European standard (EN 45545-2) and the French standard (NF F16-101) provide a classification system that specifies requirements for fire behavior of railway materials and products by categorizing them in different groups which have to fulfill specific “requirement sets”. The standards also include test methods for laboratories.

Moreover, the EN ISO/CEI 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” standard imposes the participation of laboratories in a test campaign, which is a prerequisite to be an accredited laboratory. It is on this basis that an independent body has to organize the campaign and only CERTIFER is authorized to organize and assess the fire behavior test campaigns and inter-laboratory comparison in the railway fields.

We organizes for more than ten years an annual “inter-laboratory euro-comparison campaign on railway fire behavior tests”.
This campaign is available to all laboratories that are interested in providing their laboratory services in the railway sector. About 30-40 laboratories from Europe and around the world participate each year to the euro-comparison campaign.

The steps we oversee for the euro-comparison campaign are :

  1. Preparation of the campaign
  2. Launching of the annual campaign 
  3. Test performance
  4. Compilation of results and analysis 
  5. Final reporting 


the fire behavior tests 

  • Critical Flux at Extinguishment : 

    CFE [ISO 5658-2] & CHF [EN ISO 9239-1]

  • Maximum average rate of heat emission : 

    MARHE [ISO 5660-1]

  • Specific optical density of smoke at 4 min : 

    Ds(4) [EN ISO 5659-2]

  • Cumulative value of specific optical densities in the 1ST 4 min : 
    VOF4 [EN ISO 5659-2]

  • Conventional Index of Toxicity at 4 and 8 min : 

    CITG [EN 45545-2 Annex C: method 1]

  • Conventional Index of Toxicity : 

    CITNlp [EN 45545-2 Annex C: method 2]

  • Oxygen Index : 

    OI [EN ISO 4589-2]

  • Cumulative value of specific optical densities in the 1ST 4 min :

    VOF4 [NFX 10-702 (1 to 5), NF F 16-101 & STM S001]

  • Maximum specific optical density of smoke : 

    Dm [NF X 10-702 (1 to 5), NF F 16-101 & STM S001]

  • Maximum average rate of heat emission (MARHE) and maximum RHR on seat: 

    ISO/TR 9705-2

  • Maximum flame spread and flaming droplets :

    EN ISO 11925-2

  • Height of charred zone front side and backside :

    EN 60332-3-24



List of laboratories acknowledged for I&F classifications (NF F 16-101 ET NF F 16-102) is available here.
List of laboratories acknowledged for tests under the EN 45545 standard is available here.                                                        

The acknowledgement of laboratories for the M classification is delivered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As far as we know, the acknowledged laboratories are the following ones:

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