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Place of execution: Dinar (Turkey )
Project duration : 2014– 2018
Team: 1 Project Manager and 2 assessors (Technical and Quality)


  • Based in Dinar, a town and large districtof AfyonkarahisarProvince in the Aegean region of Turkey, ACARLAR VAGON is an entity providing maintenance services in Turkey since 2011 to TCDD AŞ, the Turkish Rail transport undertaking and also to owners of private wagons.
  • In 2014, ACARLAR VAGON was the first certified Turkish Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM).

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CERTIFER's missions

In the framework of this project, CERTIFER carried out an Entity of Charge of Maintenance Certification on the basis of 445/2011/ EC European Regulation of 10th May 2011 and ATMF Appendix A which require the certification of entities responsible for maintenance of freight wagons in European Union and also in all OTIF member states like Turkey.

CERTIFER delivered a five year ECM certificate to ACARLAR who applied for four functions:

  1. Management function which includes the supervision and coordination of the maintenance functions and gives assurance of the safety status of the wagons in the railway system
  2. Maintenance development
  3. Fleet maintenance management, i.e the management of the wagons’ removal for maintenance and the return to operation after maintenance
  4. Maintenance delivery function which the delivery of the required technical maintenance of wagons or parts of it and the release to service documentation

    After an initial audit the first year in 2014 with an on-site inspection, CERTIFER performs annual surveillance audits during the certificate’s validity (5 years including the initial audit) in order to ensure continuing compliance with the applicable requirements after award of ECM.
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