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Customer:  ALSTOM
Duration of the project: 2017 – 2020

The project's decription

Smart Coradia is a new Electric Multiple Unit platform with articulated vehicles. This is a family of complete vehicles designed to meet all possible needs in regional and interregional transport.

Trenitalia application is a range of 3, 4 or 5-car units operated up to 160km/h under 3kV with a wide range of lay-out configurations in accordance to the foreseen operation of the train (inter-city, commuter, suburban…)

NS ICNG is an Inter-City train of 5 or 8-car units operated up to 200km/h under 25kV AC and 1.5kV DC with an ETCS Level 2.

A cross-border version to Belgium is also foreseen and this specific variant will add a 3rd voltage: 3kV.

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Scope of work

NoBo mission: Rolling Stock Assessment

The mission consisted in assessing all the characteristics coming from the Technical Specifications for Interoperability as stipulated in the 2016/797 directive and detailed in the relevant TSIs.


DeBo mission (VIS): Fire detection and extinguishing system Assessment

CERTIFER’s VIS mission for the new Trenitalia regional trains was focused on the interior fire detection and extinguishing system according to the Italian DM 28.10.2005 and to the UNI 11565:2016 standard, which both provide guidance in implementing such systems.


Technical coordination of assessment activities: Rolling Stock Assessment

CERTIFER, as Alstom’s unique contractor for all the assessment activities related to the Rolling Stock Subsystem, signed specific partnerships with Italian and Dutch DeBos for the assessment of the remaining national rules.

The coordination ensured by CERTIFER consisted in:

  • Defining a common way to work with Alstom and all bodies involved in the assessment service;
  • Implementing and managing an appropriate Electronic Document Management System applied to the project;
  • Being Alstom’s only contact for all the contractual aspects of the service. 
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