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Customer : DMRC
Country : India
Duration of the project: 2014 - 2017
Staff : 1 Project manager and 4 assessors

 The project's decription

DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION (DMRC) is the employer and is responsible for construction, operation, maintenance & safety of the future Lines 7, 8 and extension of the line 2 of the Delhi Metro, as part of the DMRTS phase III.

Egis Rail and Certifer consortium submits a joint proposal for the Independent Safety Assessment and Audit of the Safety aspects for respectively Train Control & Signalling System Contractor for Line 7, Line 8 and Line 2 Extension.

The train control & signalling system safety assessment shall ensure that the System  Safety Plan requirement are being  met and the supplied safety equipment complies fully with the safety requirements.


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Scope of work

The Independent Safety Assessment is a tool allowing the different actors of the project to ensure that a creation or a change impacting safety is correctly specified and implemented.
The more the risk of death or accident, linked to a bad specification or implementation of the change or creation, is high, the more a systematic & rigorous approach of the Independent Safety Assessment is important.
The Independent Safety Assessment leads to the issuing of a judgment, distinct & independent from any personal design, development or operating system, showing that a system’s safety requirements are suited for the planned application, and that this system meets all the safety requirements.

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